Born in South West London Candis is a singer songwriter with a passion for music! “… I know its sounds like a clique, but all I’ve ever wanted to do is sing!”

It wasn’t until seventeen that Candis got her first taste in a recording studio, when her then vocal coach was approached by a local songwriter searching for a vocalist, Candis being later selected got to record some original songs. Even though short lived, it was a great experience, which taught her valuable lessons about the music industry!

“… Soon after I decided to explore writing my own material, it made me realise what type of artist I wanted to be, I now consider songwriting to be a major part of my life. I absolutely love the excitement that comes from creating each new song!”

Whilst continuing to write music, Candis has also spent time gigging in a local cover band; but is now keen to share her own music, gaining writing inspiration from everyday life experiences surrounding herself, friends and family.

Soon to be released album ‘Fire-white’ offers up track favorites ‘Push’ with its’ sweet vocal, this songs starts of simple & unassuming then quickly transitions into a succession of banging beats, perfectly partnered with a thumping bass. A drum n bass tune that’ll have you turning up to full volume!

‘Fast Cars’ is a song with attitude, yet a sweet sing-along chorus, a catchy song that gets better each time you hear it! Whilst ‘First Met’ offers up a sound more reminiscent of a Kate Bush! “… I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a great producer in David McCloud, a true talent”.